» The Cathedrals of Competition: A Tour of Arlington’s Epic Stadiums

The Cathedrals of Competition: A Tour of Arlington’s Epic Stadiums

Welcome to the Big Leagues!

Arlington, Texas: where “big” is never big enough, especially when it comes to stadiums. This city is a paradise for sports enthusiasts, and it’s not just because of the teams that call it home. Whether you’re a fan of football, baseball, or even track and field, the stadiums in Arlington offer an experience that’s just as exciting as the games they host. Not sure where to start? Fear not! Our website created a list of the iconic stadiums in Arlington that are nothing short of legendary.

AT&T Stadium

The AT&T Stadium, formerly known as Cowboys Stadium, is a place where size and spectacle collide. As the home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, this architectural marvel can seat over 100,000 fans, making it one of the largest stadiums in the world. And let’s not forget the center-hung video board, a dazzling piece of technology that extends from one 20-yard line to the other. With its retractable roof and world-class amenities, the AT&T Stadium is more than just a venue; it’s an experience. Whether you’re there for a Cowboys game, a concert, or even a tour—yes, they offer tours—you’re guaranteed to leave in awe.

Choctaw Stadium

Say hello to the Choctaw Stadium, the mecca of baseball in Arlington. Formerly known as the Globe Life Park, this stadium served as the home for the Texas Rangers until they moved to their new ballpark, Globe Life Field, in 2020. Although baseball is no longer its primary function, Choctaw Stadium still hosts sporting events, including soccer matches, and concerts. With its retro design and timeless charm, this stadium serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of baseball and community gathering.

Maverick Stadium

Nestled within the University of Texas at Arlington campus is the Maverick Stadium, the go-to spot for track and field events in the city. With a capacity of around 12,500, this stadium may not be as colossal as the others, but it has its own intimate charm. It’s the stage for UTA’s outdoor athletic events, including soccer and track and field. The stadium even offers something for the local community, serving as a venue for high school sports and other local competitions. Don’t underestimate its size; Maverick Stadium packs a punch in the world of collegiate and local sports.

Globe Life Field

The newest jewel in Arlington’s stadium crown, Globe Life Field, is nothing short of spectacular. As the current home of the Texas Rangers, this stadium boasts state-of-the-art features, including a retractable roof—a first for any Major League Baseball stadium in Texas! With a seating capacity of about 40,300, the stadium prioritizes fan comfort, offering wider seats and more legroom than most other ballparks. Beyond baseball, Globe Life Field has proven to be a versatile venue, hosting events like concerts and even rodeos.

C.H. Wilemon Field

The C.H. Wilemon Field may not be as renowned as other stadiums in Arlington, but it holds a special place in the city’s sports culture. Mainly serving as a high school stadium, it is the beating heart of community sports, especially for those Friday night football games that are quintessential to Texan culture. With a smaller capacity and an intimate atmosphere, C.H. Wilemon Field brings you closer to the action, making every play feel monumental.

And That’s the Ball Game!

Arlington, Texas is more than just a city; it’s a sports haven that knows how to host a great game. Whether you’re drawn to the roar of a crowd, the thrill of a home run, or the excitement of a last-minute touchdown, these stadiums offer something for every kind of sports lover. So grab your jersey, your foam finger, and perhaps a bit of face paint, because when you’re in Arlington, every day is game day!

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